Dover Street Market is pleased to host the first set of programming from the Lower East Side Cactus & Succulent Society (LESCSS) – a series of three talks scheduled throughout January 2021.

Over the course of the next few weeks, please join us as the team educates and shares plant experiences, excursions, advice and plans for 2021 and beyond.

Please visit to learn more about the project. Donations are welcomed to help bring to life the LESCSS Community Center: a place of sanctuary in downtown Manhattan where people of all ages can create, learn, teach and grow together.

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The schedule of talks is as follows. You may register to attend the events at the below links. If you have any troubles registering, please reach out at


Part I: A Cactus Grows in Brooklyn

January 9th 2021 4:00pm EST

In almost every way, New York City can be an inhospitable environment. But throughout the five boroughs, life not only survives, it often flourishes. The same can be said of the deserts of the Earth – these arid, near barren regions of our planet are some of the most formidable to life of all forms and yet, over time, they have produced many of the most fascinating species of the plant and animal kingdoms. It is in this light that we, as the Lower East Side Cactus and Succulent Society, attempt to relate to and explain our collective xerophilia. In our first presentation for Dover Street Market New York, we would like to share our experiences as active collectors and growers of desert plants here in the Big Apple and offer advice on best practices to help other NYers keep the plants in their collection happy and healthy.

A Cactus Grows in Brooklyn Can Be Viewed Here


Part II: The Living Fossil

January 16th 2021 4:00pm EST

Welwitschia mirabilis is among the most unique species of the plant kingdom. Inhabiting the parched minefields of the Kaokoveld desert in Angola and Namibia, Welwitschia mirabilis produces only a single, ever-growing leaf pair over the course of its insane lifespan; some specimens are estimated at over 1,000 years in age. These beautiful and bizarre plants are both relics of an ecological past and pioneers of a warming world. All the way from his beautiful Bucky-inspired greenhouse, our dear friend, fellow xerophile and honorary LESCSS member, Matt Dunaj, will share stories, secrets, and advice for the cultivation of this incredible living fossil.

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Part III: Field Report - Atacama Desert

January 23rd 2021 4:00pm EST

 It’s impossible to not anthropomorphize plants – especially when discussing their survival and their experience of time. The many species of the genus Copiapoa are the Titans of the desert – their existence defies mortality. In 2018, members of the Lower East Side Cactus and Succulent Society were part of a group (cc: Cactus Store) that travelled to the Atacama Desert in Chile. This group of xerophiles sought to explore the landscape and better understand the home of the plants we here at the LESCSS so cherish. But just like the Camanchaca, right as the group settled in, it was time to roll out.

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