DSMLA Jewelry Focus — Diamond Foundry

Dover Street Market is proud to announce a collaborative fine jewellery project with Diamond Foundry, the leader in aboveground diamonds.

Six of the world’s most renowned contemporary fine jewellery designers have created new and exclusive styles for DSM using Diamond Foundry diamonds.


Ana Khouri, Delfina Delettrez, HUM, Hunrod, Sophie Bille Brahe and Raphaele Canot were each given complete freedom to use any style, size or shape of Diamond Foundry diamond to create pieces that are reflective of their own distinctive styles.


Katerina Jebb was commissioned to create a series of images featuring the jewellery.

The collection is diverse in both price and aesthetic, with a range of diamonds going up to 2.5 carats, including several cuts unique to Diamond Foundry.

The collection is available to purchase on the DSM E-Shop and in-store at DSM Los Angeles from 24th April, at DSM NY from 3rd May, and at DSM London from 16th May.


About Diamond Foundry

The Diamond Foundry are reimagining the industry by operating a responsible, honest and transparent business. They create real diamonds aboveground in their San Francisco foundry with our proprietary solar technology. Utilizing renewable energy, they are the world’s first certified carbon neutral diamond producer. Only 1% of the world’s diamonds meet their quality and craftsmanship standards. For more information, visit DiamondFoundry.com 

About Katerina Jebb

Katerina Jebb is an artist working in several mediums. She lives and works in Paris. Jebb has devised a system whereby she employs domestic scanning machines to document objects and humans; painstakingly rendering multiple digital files to create a faithful rendition of the original. Jebb was commissioned to create a series of artworks for DSM and Diamond Foundry employing this medium.