Erik Madigan Heck 

So Much Love

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A Conversation Between Two Artists – Erik Madigan Heck & Leanne Shapton

The Self

“The Self” is an experimental film by Nassia Kalamakis based on The Garden and Safe Passage – a multidisciplinary artwork by Erik Madigan Heck.

Imagery from Heck’s monographs, as well as his symbolic use of color in photography and painting are pulled from their original context and projected onto a parallel universe of sampled footage that serve as moving metaphors.

Previous iterations of the film are layered upon one another, creating a hyper-narrative of tiered references and revisions accompanied by Tilda Swinton’s reading of Heck’s poetry and an excerpt of his musical composition with Frits Wentink.

Color battles, charged diptychs and exaggerated visuals produce a fragmented landscape of kinetic meaning, revealing a hurried artist and his colors within an imagined world of aggressive inspiration and creative ambition that appear to trespass upon their own captivity.

“The Self” presents an abstract artist’s portrait - a ripe allegory and off leash celebration of Heck, his multidisciplinary offerings and transformative practice [that seeks to capture]/[of capturing] the divine through whatever means and mediums necessary.

Visual Samples:
Wotans Abschied,1965 by Hans Hotter
A Quiet Place in the Country, 1968 by Elio Petri
Black Narcissus, 1947 by Michael Powell
The Unbearable Lightness of Being, 1988 by Philip Kaufman
Daisies, 1966 by Věra Chytilová
The Time Machine, 1960 by George Pal
Fathom,1967 by Leslie H. Martinson
Rappaccini’s Daughter, 1980 by Dezsö Magyar
Poetic Harmony (Andrei Tarkovsky), 2016 by The Cinema Cartography
Childhood Footage, Erik Madigan Heck